Evel Torres is a self-taught, surrealist artist born in Colombia, South America in 1952.  He arrived in New York at the age of six and was born with a natural artistic ability and passion for depicting the world around him.  


From an early age, Evel was inspired and intrigued by both Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch.  Their influence is clearly echoed in his work as he combines modernism with surrealism to create a unique collection of artwork. He has diligently sharpened his technique through years of study, trial and error, and through raw, instinctive skill.  


Evel has sold many of his pieces privately in NY and plans to showcase his work in various galleries in the coming months.  He continues to generate new, unseen works while simultaneously maintaining an extensive portfolio which reflects the progression of his skill and his artistic evolution.

"I have experimented with different types of media starting with tempera paints, airbrush
techniques, and oils. I am now primarily using oils and have developed techniques of glazes. My
source of inspiration comes from my own life views. What I hope to achieve in art is a reflection
of my thoughts and perceptions of and a channel to communicate and share them with the

- Evel